YKHC Presents Funding Priorities

Story by – YKHC Public Relations

February 7, 2013 - 1 minute read
YKHC Public Relations Director Donna Bach (in red) with Alaska’s congressional delegation in Washington: Sen. Lisa Murkowski, Rep. Don Young and Sen. Mark Begich.

YKHC’s Dan Winkelman, VP of Administration/Legal Counsel, and Donna Bach, Public Relations Dir., met with Alaska’s delegation to present the organization’s federal funding priority request during inauguration 2013 weekend in our Nation’s capital.

In addition to attending the 57th Presidential Inauguration festivities and Alaska Consituent Coffee to meet with our state’s senators and congressman, YKHC secured in-depth meetings with both Senators Lisa Murkowski and Mark Begich. Winkelman and Bach presented YKHC’s long-standing concern over the Indian Health Service’s lack of distribution of funds for the Bethel hospital staffing package—approved but unfunded since 1980.

YKHC continues to advocate procurement of additional funds regarding our hospital’s unmet needs, which are “substantial and must be addressed in order to raise the level of health care to a minimally acceptable level,” Winkelman said. Securing this request is an on-going issue, deemed very important by our Senior Leadership Team and the YKHC Board of Directors.

The second concern of immediate relevance is to facilitate clean-up and transfer of the existing BIA site in Bethel to YKHC.

YKHC is a 501-c3 638 Tribally owned and compacted organization and does not endorse or oppose any candidate running for public office.