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Disaster recovery after 2022 Sept. West Coast Storm

Please Note: Due to a telecom provider issue, the State of Alaska has updated the phone number for individuals to register for Individual Assistance by phone since recording the above conversation. Please disregard the number provided in this video and instead use 1-844-445-7131.

Today, Monday, September 26, the State of Alaska began accepting web applications for 2022 September West Coast Storm survivors to register for State Individual Assistance. The deadline to apply is November 17, 2022.

After the remnants of Typhoon Merbok hit Alaska’s western coast September 16-17, causing disaster-level impacts in many coastal communities, YKHC President & CEO Dan Winkelman spoke with Desiree Chambers and Jeremy Zidek from the State of Alaska Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management to understand recovery efforts and ask questions about how impacted families can access Individual Assistance.

More information about Individual Assistance, or to register, click HERE. Or copy and paste the following link into your web browser:

Telephone registration for Individual Assistance will open Wednesday, September 28, and individuals can call 1-844-445-7131.

General information the State of Alaska says applicants should be prepared to provide copies of, include but are not limited to:

  • Photo ID and contact information
  • Mailing address
  • Insurance declaration and exclusion (what is covered and what is NOT covered)
  • List of damages, include year/make/model/VIN for vehicle
  • Number of home occupants and current living situation
  • Proof of residence at the damaged address at the time of the disaster
  • Repair estimates

The State of Alaska has created additional reference information, including but not limited to: