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Your Community. Your Future. Work at YKHC.

Whether you are looking for a job, a new career or the opportunity to be part of your tribal healthcare organization, YKHC has a position for you. Explore the benefits of working at YKHC.

  • Excellent pay and benefits, including generous time off and medical, dental and vision insurance.
  • A wide range of jobs, including the right job for you.
  • Opportunities to receive training and increase your education, responsibility and pay.
  • The chance to help others in need and make a difference in your community everyday.

Caliarkavnek yuaquvet, pikangqertuten YKHC-mi. Atam tangerqerki YKHC-m caliarin atawaqautai.

  • Akingutkan atawaqautet-llu asqapiarluteng, qacigtellerkan amllerluni, muutessuutnek-llu pingluten, ilaklukek iigken kegguceten-llu.
  • Caliarkat amllertut, iliit nelqaqciqan.
  • Tumkarluten-llu elitnauvsiarllerkavnek, caliarpaurtellerkavnun, cali akingutkavet ilallerkaa.
  • Kevgiuluki muutelriit kepqelriit-llu, ikaiyurluki tauten nunalguceten unuaquaqan.

Interested in employment with YKHC?

Visit our employment portal today to find up-to-date information and to apply online.

If you have questions or need assistance with the application, call 907-543-6059.

Calillguteksaraq. Working Together.

YKHC is you, our customer, our employee, and our neighbor. At home in rural southwest Alaska, your talent and experience become the fabric of our mission of working together. Our expansive healthcare system is a place where families and communities depend on you for exceptional care and are ready to warmly welcome you. This is the spirit of the culture, people and community of the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta.

Experience Our Community

Our integrated model of care places our customers and patients at the heart of all we do, surrounding them with a team-based approach to their overall health. This model requires the dedication and excellence of a community of outstanding medical teams.

If you’re ready for the chance to work with other professionals who share your values and your commitment to improving the quality of life for those around you, we invite you to discover more about us. In the process, you may just discover where your career journey is leading you.

Other Opportunities

Education and Scholarships

Learn more about our Area Health Education Center, health education opportunities, and the YKHC Scholarship Program.

Request for Proposals

Current and open Requests for Proposals are posted below. For questions or proposal clarification, please call 907-543-6632.

We currently have no open RFPs.
Please check back later for new opportunities.

Work with ASKW-Davis

ASKW-Davis is a construction firm that is building the new YKHC customer hostel. Looking to hire local people to help with the initiative!

Interested in working at YKHC?
Visit our employment portal to find up-to-date information and apply online.