Call Before Seeking Care

If you or someone in your household has respiratory symptoms, before seeking care call your local village clinic or in Bethel call the COVID-19 hotline at 543-6949. The COVID-19 hotline is staffed Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Each vaccinated person gets us one step closer to our normal ways of life.

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The Yukon-Kuskokwim Health Corporation, commonly referred to as YKHC, is a Tribal Organization that administers a comprehensive healthcare delivery system for 58 rural communities in southwest Alaska. 

Each of the communities in our service area is home to a federally-recognized Tribe, whose governing council has authorized YKHC to provide health services on behalf of the federal Indian Health Service (IHS). 

YKHC’s healthcare delivery system includes community clinics, sub-regional clinics in five of the area’s larger communities, a regional hospital, dental and optometry services, behavioral health services, substance abuse counseling and treatment, health promotion and disease prevention programs, and environmental health services.

Gold Seal Certified

The Yukon-Kuskokwim Health Corporation has earned the Joint Commission's Gold Seal of Approval.​

2 hours ago

You should get vaccinated against COVID-19 even if you already tested positive, according to YKHC’s Chief of Staff Ellen Hodges. “Immunity from the vaccine is likely to last longer than immunity from having the disease and protects you against other variants that can have more severe health consequences,” Dr. Hodges said. “When you are vaccinated, you are unlikely to spread COVID-19 to others in your family and community who may be more vulnerable to the virus.”If you have any questions, speak with your healthcare provider, who is the best person to help you decide if you should get the COVID-19 vaccine. To sign up, fill out the survey at or call 800-478-6599. ... See MoreSee Less

3 days ago

During the week of June 5-11, YKHC reported seven new cases of COVID-19 in the YK Delta.The 7 were residents in:Atmautluak (1)Chevak (1)Hooper Bay (2)Kipnuk (2)Nunam Iqua (1)To read the full case statements, which are posted the day the positive COVID-19 case is announced, visit our website: of COVID-19 cases of residents and visitors in the YK Delta are updated daily on our COVID-19 dashboard at ... See MoreSee Less

4 days ago

Akiak resident Ivan M. Ivan got his shot of the COVID-19 vaccine. YKHC spoke with him recently about his decision to get vaccinated. “My wife and family discussed it and we went for it. We had faith,” he said. “A lot of people were saying it was too quick for a vaccination to come on board. But those of us who got vaccinated, we are alright. No adverse impact."“Once the majority of us have it, we will have protection against COVID-19.”Everyone age 12 and older can get vaccinated against COVID-19. To sign up yourself or your child, complete the survey at or call 800-478-6599. ... See MoreSee Less