When a provider sees you in one of our clinics, they may prescribe medicine that meets your unique health needs. Our Pharmacy is unable to fill prescriptions from providers outside of our healthcare system, but they will work with your case manager and provider to continue new prescriptions or changes to existing medications received at another hospital, clinic, or pharmacy.



If you would like to speak to a pharmacist, call : 1-800-478-3321 or 543-6000 ext. 6652 or 6662.

For questions about your Pharmacy billing account, call ext. 6284. Please let us know if you have insurance for prescription medication. 


Before you leave the Pharmacy, make sure you speak with the pharmacist about:

  • When, how and how long to take your medicine
  • Common side effects to expect and how to deal with them if they occur
  • Whether (or if) the medication is safe to take with other medicines you are taking
  • Whether the medicine is safe to take if you are pregnant or breastfeeding


Our Community Health Aides can treat many short-term conditions using medications regularly supplied in our village clinics. If your condition requires medication only available through the Bethel Pharmacy, one of our providers will write a prescription and the medication will be mailed directly to the address on file for our customer. 


If you need to take medicine for a long-term (or chronic) condition, your provider may order refills on your medicine. The Pharmacy can then refill your medicine when you request it.

Dispose of unused or expired medications safely.

Medication Refills


9 a.m. – 7 p.m.


Bethel Customers
Call 543-6988 during business hours to speak to a Pharmacy technician or leave a message with your name, birth date and medication needed. The refills may be picked up or be mailed to the address on file.

Customers may also go to the Pharmacy window during business hours and inform the staff of what medication is needed. The refill will be processed in the order it is received. Patients can wait for their refill, pick it up later, or have it mailed to their address.

Village Customers
Call 1-877-543-6988 to speak to a Pharmacy technician or leave a message with your namebirth date and medication needed. The Pharmacy will mail the medication directly to the address on file.  

Please remember to request refills 7-10 days before you run out of medication. This will allow time to receive your refill by mail before you run out.

No Refills Left?

Make an appointment to see your Primary Care Provider. The Pharmacy can also submit a refill request to your provider. 

For refill renewals on chronic pain medications, please contact your nurse case manager directly.

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