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Tuluksak Update

YKHC would like to express sincere gratitude to the Indian Health Service, Denali Commission, and Sanitation Facilities Advisory Committee for their support in replacing the water treatment plant and washeteria in Tuluksak.

Progress Update: 

YKHC recently hosted a multi-agency meeting to identify and allocate funding for a replacement water treatment plant and washeteria for the community of Tuluksak. Following that meeting, IHS requested an emergency meeting of the ANTHC Sanitation Facilities Advisory Committee (SFAC) with statewide Tribal Health representatives to discuss the 2021 budget and funding options. The SFAC supported this emergency project, and the IHS announced on Friday that they would fund $6.5 million of the $6.7 million replacement water treatment plant/washeteria. IHS also worked with the Denali Commission to secure the remaining $200,000 portion of that project not covered with IHS funds. We are grateful to our neighbors from around the state who put our region’s immediate needs above their own. This decision will help bring a much-needed long term solution to the community.

YKHC is continuing to work closely with the IHS, ANTHC, and CRW on a temporary replacement plan while this long term solution design and construction begin. The manager of our Remote Maintenance Worker program visited Tuluksak on Friday, Feb. 5, to deliver materials to pipe water from the Tuluksak river to the school, restoring water for fire protection systems, flushing toilets, and washing clothes. YKHC has also been working closely with ANTHC and CRW to bring a YKHC water treatment plant and storage tank to Tuluksak to provide on-site potable water to the community. YKHC aims to have this phase of the response complete by April 2021. YKHC also formally requested funding from the Indian Health Service to assist with these projects as well. 

YKHC teams would also like to express gratitude for the continued donations of bottled water from the IHS, Bureau of Indian Affairs, and the many individuals and groups contributing to this emergent effort.