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Dental Health Aide Therapy Program​

  • Do you like working closely with young people? Do you like to help people?
  • Do you like travel? Village life? A good full-time indoor job?
  • Are you skilled with your hands?
  • Would you like a key role in building a better future for our children? ​


If you answered “yes” to the questions above, consider applying for YKHC’s Dental Health Aide Therapy Program!

More Information

YKHC is offering sponsorship for the two-year Dental Health Aide Training (DHAT) program.

Sponsorship is valued at more than $100,000 and includes:

  • School tuition
  • Housing allowance
  • Money for living expenses


Four-year payback obligation applies. Successful completion of DHAT training can result in an associate’s degree. As a student, attend all classes and clinical experiences as directed, for one year in Anchorage, and one year in Bethel. Provide clinical dental services within an individually designed scope of practice. Successfully complete the course of education and graduate from the program.