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Location Updates: ER and COVID-19 testing tent

As construction continues on the Bethel hospital, YKHC would like to notify the public of location changes that will impact customers arriving to be seen in the ER, those arriving to be tested at the COVID-19 drive-thru testing site, and guests staying at the Qavartarvik Hostel.

ER direction map image-logo

Effective Wednesday, July 1, customers who want to be seen in the ER will need to enter the hospital through the YKDRH expansion main entrance and walk to the ER through the hospital connector. Signage will be posted throughout the facility, offering patients visual directions to the ER. This patient and pedestrian flow will be in place until roughly March 2021, as construction on the hospital south entrance continues. Ambulance and EMS entry, through the existing ramp, will be unaffected by this construction activity.

On Monday, July 6, vehicle entrance to the south parking lot will be partially closing, leaving access only available for patients with appointments at the drive-thru testing tent, residents of the 800 building, and guests at the Qavartarvik Hostel.

On Saturday, July 11, YKHC will relocate the Bethel drive-thru COVID testing tent to the north end of the Community Health Services Building (CHSB) parking lot. The new location is just across the street from the testing tent’s current location and will offer improved space for vehicle queueing. This new location will serve as the testing tent’s permanent location through the winter.

When the drive-thru testing tent is moved on July 11, vehicle entrance to the south parking lot will be fully closed. Vehicles seeking to access the 800 building and Qavartarvik Hostel must enter at the new north hospital entrance, bear to the right past the patient and staff parking lots, and follow the access road behind the new clinic to the 800 building and Qavartarvik Hostel. Vehicles must exit along the same route. A map has been provided for reference.

Thank you for your understanding of these changes as we work hard to improve customer experience on our Bethel campus.


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