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Non-Urgent Medicaid Travel on Hold by State of Alaska

With the outbreak of COVID-19, the State of Alaska issued new guidelines for Medicaid travel. 

Effective immediately, YKHC is only allowed by the State of Alaska to book Medicaid travel that is deemed emergent by a provider. The state deems a patient emergent if they cannot wait 90 days to be seen. During this time period, YK Pay will only be used for emergent travel. YKHC expects this hold to be lifted in June.

This hold on Medicaid travel does not affect patients’ ability to be seen in their village clinics. Patients can also be seen in Bethel; Medicaid is only limiting non-emergent travel; not appointments.

For all emergent travel, a letter of medical necessity must be provided to explain why the patient cannot wait 90 days to be seen. Walk-in ER patients will not require a letter of medical necessity if the case is life or limb.


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