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Public Alert: Urgent Action Needed Now to Flatten the Curve

Based on existing hospital capacity and the current rate of COVID-19 transmission in the YK Delta, Alaska epidemiologist Dr. Tom Hennessy estimates the capacity of inpatient beds at the YK Delta Regional Hospital could be exceeded as a result of the virus within the month if the public does not follow precautions to help flatten the curve. 

In a letter sent to Tribes and Cities in the YKHC service area today, YKHC President & CEO Dan Winkelman said, “As I have reported since March, YKHC asks that each of us change our personal behaviors. We must hunker down and stop visiting people outside of our households. We also ask that everyone follow the COVID-19 precautions as outlined on our website and Facebook page to flatten the curve.” He continued, “It is not time to panic, but time to take control! Knowledge is power. Knowledge plus implementing behavior changes can and will break the cycle of transmission in our region.”

Click HERE to read the full letter to community leaders and the projections provided by Dr. Hennessy.


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