YKHC’s 50th Anniversary Raffle Winners

Congratulations to the winners below of our 50th anniversary raffle! YKHC staff will contact winners beginning the week of October 7 for details on claiming your prizes.

Service Area WinnerAlaska Airlines TicketKristyLupie
Service Area WinnerAlaska Airlines TicketHeatherBrink
Service Area WinnerAlaska Airlines TicketFannieJenkins
Service Area WinnerAlaska Airlines TicketHoneyBeans
Service Area WinnerWinter Float SuitSabrina Tuzroyluk
Service Area WinnerWinter Float SuitMarieJacob
Service Area WinnerWinter Float SuitWassilieBavilla
Service Area WinnerWinter Float SuitInaSteven
Service Area WinnerWinter Float SuitNadeneAndrew
Service Area WinnerWinter Float SuitChantelWilliams
Service Area WinnerWinter Float SuitHenriettaAndrew
Service Area WinnerWinter Float SuitJennaNose
Service Area WinnerWinter Float SuitAlyssa Carl
Service Area WinnerWinter Float SuitGeorge Williams Jr
Service Area WinnerWinter Float SuitSabrina Tuzroyluk
Service Area WinnerWinter Float SuitJenniferMichaelson
Service Area WinnerWinter Float SuitShannonTulik
Service Area WinnerWinter Float SuitTrevor Maxie
Service Area WinnerWinter Float SuitAlbertRomerIII
Service Area WinnerWinter Float SuitDionFrancis-Westdahl
Service Area WinnerWinter Float SuitSally Whitman
Service Area WinnerWinter Float SuitPhyllis Carl-Nick
Service Area WinnerWinter Float SuitMargaretRoberts
Service Area WinnerWinter Float SuitSharonGilila 
Akiachak WinnerYKHC JacketRobertaCharles
Akiachak WinnerYKHC JacketSimonChingliak
Akiak Winner YKHC JacketSabrinaJones
Akiak Winner YKHC JacketJacquelineIvan 
Alakanuk WinnerYKHC JacketChristopher James 
Alakanuk WinnerYKHC JacketScarlett Fritze
Aniak WinnerYKHC JacketJeffery Mattson 
Aniak WinnerYKHC JacketKaylanii Peterson
Anvik WinnerYKHC JacketChristyTicknor
Anvik WinnerYKHC JacketBrianJohn
Atmautluak WinnerYKHC JacketDaynaWaska
Armautluak WinnerYKHC JacketKalilaNick
Chefornak WinnerYKHC JacketMarissaAndrew
Chefornak WinnerYKHC JacketLovinaTunuchuk
Chevak WinnerYKHC JacketJacksonBoyscout
Chevak WinnerYKHC JacketKathlynn Atcherian 
Chuathbaluk WinnerYKHC JacketDiane BBrower
Chuathbaluk WinnerYKHC JacketRichard Murphy
Eek WinnerYKHC JacketMicahHeakin
Eek WinnerYKHC JacketBenjaminMoore
Emmonak WinnerYKHC JacketPaul Kelly 
Emmonak WinnerYKHC JacketBillyCharles 
Grayling WinnerYKHC JacketBerniceNicholi
Grayling WinnerYKHC JacketRoseMaillelle 
Holy Cross WinnerYKHC JacketKayloniElswick
Holy Cross WinnerYKHC JacketAdrienne Turner
Hooper Bay WinnerYKHC JacketKatie Olson 
Hooper Bay WinnerYKHC JacketGustanGreen
Kalskag WinnerYKHC JacketJaylenePitka
Kalskag WinnerYKHC JacketHaileyAusdahl
Kalskag WinnerYKHC JacketMelissaSavage
Kalskag WinnerYKHC JacketPamelaNelson
Kasigluk WinnerYKHC JacketJayleneNicholas
Kasigluk WinnerYKHC JacketCharitySlim-Twitchell
Kipnuk WinnerYKHC JacketTommy Dock Jr
Kipnuk WinnerYKHC JacketMarthaPaul
Kongiganak WinnerYKHC JacketDesmond Evan
Kongiganak WinnerYKHC JacketBettyPhillip
Kotlik WinnerYKHC JacketRobertHunt
Kotlik WinnerYKHC JacketAngelaHunt
Kwethluk WinnerYKHC JacketNicholasAyapan
Kwethluk WinnerYKHC JacketMarieJacob
Kwigillingok WinnerYKHC JacketJananAndrew
Kwigillingok WinnerYKHC JacketDavidPaul
Marshall WinnerYKHC JacketCharlieCoffee
Marshall WinnerYKHC JacketLeviOwletuck
Mekoryuk WinnerYKHC JacketAydon Weston
Mekoryuk WinnerYKHC JacketFritz David
Mountain Village WinnerYKHC JacketEdwinWaskey
Mountain Village WinnerYKHC JacketCindyLawrence
Napakiak WinnerYKHC JacketWestonAndrew
Napakiak WinnerYKHC JacketNelsonGray
Newtok WinnerYKHC JacketDarrenKilongak
Newtok WinnerYKHC JacketCarolynGeorge
Nightmute WinnerYKHC JacketStellaJackson
Nightmute WinnerYKHC JacketDorothy Jackson
Nunam Iqua WinnerYKHC JacketBernadetteHanson
Nunam Iqua WinnerYKHC JacketKirstenAkaran manumik
Nunapitchuk WinnerYKHC JacketAlexandriaTobeluk 
Nunapitchuk WinnerYKHC JacketGladys Jacobs 
Pilot Station WinnerYKHC JacketMilesNick
Pilot Station WinnerYKHC JacketRiccoHeckman
Quinhagak WinnerYKHC JacketTrentonSam
Quinhagak WinnerYKHC JacketWassilieBavilla
Red Devil WinnerYKHC JacketRubyEgrass
Russian Mission WinnerYKHC JacketRileyVaska
Russian Mission WinnerYKHC JacketOlgaChangsak
Saint Mary’s WinnerYKHC JacketLauritaNerby
Saint Mary’s WinnerYKHC JacketMichaelBeans II
Scammon Bay WinnerYKHC JacketAurora Amik
Scammon Bay WinnerYKHC JacketJohnTobeluk
Sleetmute WinnerYKHC JacketBrianHudson 
Sleetmute WinnerYKHC JacketSamuelMellick
Stony River WinnerYKHC JacketMary Macar
Stony River WinnerYKHC JacketAndrewGusty Sr
Toksook Bay WinnerYKHC JacketBrentina Lincoln 
Toksook Bay WinnerYKHC JacketAnnaWiseman
Tuluksak WinnerYKHC JacketAprilAtseriak
Tuluksak WinnerYKHC JacketEmmaNapoka
Tuntutuliak WinnerYKHC JacketLucy Jimmie 
Tuntutuliak WinnerYKHC JacketVerlaineChris
Tununak WinnerYKHC JacketRichardinaLincoln
Tununak WinnerYKHC JacketAustinInakak
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Phone: 907-543-6000
YKHC Medicaid Travel: 907-543-6625
Email: info@ykhc.org
Media Inquiries: publicrelations@ykhc.org


myYKHealth is an online portal that allows our customers to view medical information and connect with their care team.

To enroll in MyYKHealth or if you have questions about MyYKHealth, call MyYKHealth Enrollment Specialist at 907-543-6947 or Registration at 907-543-6315 or email MyYKHealthEnroll@ykhc.org.


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St. Mary’s      438-3500 
Toksook Bay    427-3500 

In order to ensure we offer timely appointments to all of our patients, we ask customers to register 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. If you are unable to keep or make your appointment, please call YKHC Scheduling to cancel or reschedule.