Reliable Childcare is Key to a Thriving Workforce

Much of YKHC’s talented and dedicated workforce have other jobs at home – many of our employees are parents.  We have consistently strived to remove obstacles for working parents. 

In 2015, when designing our new primary care facility in Bethel, we made it a design priority to add lactation rooms. In 2016, YKHC President & CEO Dan Winkelman announced at our employee forums and Tribal Unity Gathering that YKHC will provide a childcare facility for our employees after completion of the Paul John Calricaraq Project, which will be completed in 2021. In 2018, a lactation space was added to the Community Health Services Building.

We want to help, not hinder, our employees as they balance their work and home duties.

Finding safe and reliable childcare can be a challenge for anyone maintaining full-time employment, especially in Bethel. While we currently do not provide childcare for our employees, YKHC understands the importance of family and has remained flexible with employees addressing childcare issues. 

YKHC recognizes the undermet childcare need in Bethel. Amidst many other projects currently in progress at YKHC, including continued construction on our new primary care facility and hospital renovation, we are working with community partners to form a childcare solution for YKHC employees.

We encourage all YKHC employees to attend our quarterly employee forums for the latest on this issue and other news from organizational leadership.


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