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Message from the President & CEO: YKHC receiving additional PPE

Due to global and national shortages of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), YKHC and other hospital systems have experienced rationing of PPE by all vendors since early in the year. In response, since February, we began aggressively ordering and stockpiling PPE each and every day. That strategy has been very successful until our recent surge of COVID-19 that the YK Delta is now experiencing.

We are now down to a two-week supply of large and medium gloves. Last week, I asked Sen. Lyman Hoffman and ASHNHA Executive Director Jared Kosin to notify Governor Dunleavy’s cabinet members about our PPE concerns. Joined by YKHC VP of Communications Tiffany Zulkosky, I requested a meeting with Alaska Unified Command. We had a productive meeting this morning and YKHC will be receiving additional PPE and Abbott ID Now testing supplies. We were also promised additional contact tracers by the State of Alaska to supplement YKHC’s current team of contact tracers.

Earlier this week, I was also in contact with the Alaska Area Director of the Indian Health Service, who notified us that additional PPE and supplies from the IHS are now being shipped directly to YKHC from the national stockpile.

Quyana to Alaska DHSS Commissioner Adam Crum, Alaska Unified Command, and IHS Alaska Area Director Angel Dotomain for your leadership and quickly granting our PPE supply requests. Myself, YKHC’s 1,300 employees, and our region’s families thank you!

Dan Winkelman
President & CEO, YKHC


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