YKHC uses Lab Corp to avoid lab delays

On Monday, November 2, YKHC was notified by the ANMC that three of their COVID-19 molecular analyzers are down and could take roughly a week to get online. YKHC does not currently process standard COVID-19 PCR tests in-house, so the turnaround time to receive results is dependent on the volume of testing being sent and processed by ANMC’s lab.

Prior to notification of the offline equipment, lab processing took 5-7 days. As a result of the offline equipment, it is estimated that ANMC’s processing of COVID-19 tests could now take 10-13 days.

In an effort to avoid lengthy delays for YKHC customers tested for COVID-19, YKHC will pay considerable expense to have a private lab, Lab Corp, used to process COVID-19 samples. Processing time through Lab Corp is expected to remain at 5-7 days. We understand the concern many may feel while waiting for lab results and YKHC remains committed to doing all we can to receiving timely results for our customers during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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