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YKHC Recommends Extending Month-Long Regionwide Lockdown

The Yukon-Kuskokwim Health Corporation strongly recommends all communities in the YK Delta region immediately extend the month-long shelter-in-place, or lockdown, for an additional 30 days. This regionwide recommendation was initially made on November 16 to curb the exponential spread of COVID-19. At that time, YKHC stated a recommendation to extend the lockdown could occur.

“While we are hopeful we are beginning to see improving trends through decreased transmission of COVID-19 in the YK Delta, our region continues to have the highest case rate in Alaska and YKHC continues to treat critically-ill patients,” said Infection Control Director Dr. Elizabeth Bates. “As we move to the height of respiratory season in January and February, together we need to build on the gains we’ve made that will protect all members of our community.”

“We acknowledge the grief related to changing holiday traditions, canceling travel plans, and spending these moments with only the individuals who live in the four walls of your household,” said Chief of Staff Dr. Ellen Hodges. “But taking these difficult actions now will ensure the ones we love, who may be most at-risk to severe illness from the disease, are here for years and several more holidays to come.”

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